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Body & Soul: A Long Term Partnership

Body & Soul was my very first client, and we've been working together for nearly ten years now.

When our partnership began, I was hired to make updates to their website as their yoga and fitness schedule changed. As the business grew, the old site started to show its age, and they asked me to see them through a total website overhaul.

A website overhaul to accommodate a growing business.

In redesigning the the Body & Soul website, I first worked with the owners and managers to consider the business' many services.

With a salon and spa offering haircuts and massages, a yoga studio offering yoga and fitness classes, a retail storefront, counseling services, and more, we needed a way to organize these disperate offerings in a way that was both detailed and easy to navigate.

From there, we established an updated visual identity with calming colors and separate but related brands for the salon and wellness center service categories. These design elements informed every page of the new site.

An integrated system for selling gift cards online.

One of the biggest thing the owners hoped to see in the new site was the ability to sell gift cards online. The Body & Soul front desk team was constantly fielding phone orders for gift cards, and they wanted a way to handle these requests virtually so the team could focus on helping their clients more directly. I built a web page where clients could purchase virtual gift cards to print or email, and integrated it with Body & Soul's existing point-of-sale system so staff would not need to learn any new systems. Now, the website is able to both free up time for employees and drive new sales.

Implementing virtual yoga and fitness during a pandemic.

When the 2020 coronavirus pandemic hit the US, Body & Soul knew they needed to shut down for the safety of their team and their clients.

To keep the business going, and to keep serving clients, I built an automated system that allowed Body & Soul to continue offering their popular yoga and fitness classes online.

The system generated Zoom meetings for each class, and automatically sent unique invites to clients as they registered for classes. Because the links were unique, Body & Soul could be sure that only paying clients were able to access the classes, all without employees having to touch a computer.

I also implemented a weekly procedure to provide the business' valuable Unlimited Members with recordings of the week's classes, helping ensure they would maintain their memberships.


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