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Web Design for Authors

Control your online presence, connect with your readers, and reach new fans.

Massive corporations hire entire departments of nerds to solve problems for them. That's great, but it takes big money. With me, you have one dedicated nerd available to answer your questions and solve tech problems whenever needed. 


Hi-Tech Made Simple

All-Inclusive Web Development

I'll take care of all the technical stuff, so you never have to see a line of code or think about a web server. 

Your Partner in Success

Take as much or as little control over your site as you want. You can make site edits yourself, or delegate them to me. I am your long-term partner for success online, not just an in-and-out designer. 

Mobile-Optimized Sites

Phones and tablets dominate the web. All sites I design are optimized for viewing on phones, tablets, and computers of any size. 


Take complete control of your brand and style, unlike with Amazon listings, and ensure you leave a lasting impression on each visitor.


Just like your book, your website should tell a story; your story. This helps readers connect with you and encourages them to buy your books. 


My design philosophy centers impactful, easy-to-use websites. I'll design your website to show off you and your book while utilizing clean design that is enjoyable for visitors to use. 

Imagine the Possibilities

Your website will be uniquely yours, but here are just a few of the possibilities we can build together:

Control Your Presence on the Web

Build Your Own Storefront

Showcase Your Best Reviews

Keep Readers up to Date with a Blog or Newsletter

Give Readers a Preview of Your Book to Entice Sales

A Few Author Websites I've Produced

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 10.53.44

Ask Dr. Ed

Dr. Ed Creagan, a cancer specialist and the first Mayo Clinic doctor certified in hospice and palliative medicine, had just published his second book when he and his publisher realized their website was a bit out of date. I designed a cleaner, easier to navigate site and also built a system for readers to subscribe via email to his blog. 

Space Wizard Website.png

Space Wizard Science Fantasy

A larger project for an independent press that publishes about a dozen books a year. I designed an easy-to-use database to allow the owners to update their catalog on the website themsleves, and had a lot of fun integrating the beautiful artwork from across the press' 30+ books. 

Susan Spero Website.png

Susan Spero

Susan wanted a simple site to highlight her book while also showcasing her speaking and coaching services. I tied the site's color scheme to the great cover art and made a clean but impactful site featuring email capture and links to purchase her book on Amazon.

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 10.52.12

Barbara Lynn-Vannoy

I designed Barb's website to match her bright personality and her light jacket design. The site features her upcoming book launch, rave reviews, and the projects she's currently working on, as well as a blog to stay in touch with her readers. 

Job Joy Group website.png

Job Joy Group

Job Joy Group CEO and author Merrylue Martin and I first worked together when she published her book The Big Quit Survival Guide. I designed a simple site to show off her book. A few years later, she expanded her consulting business and wanted to reorient the site around her consulting, rather than the book. As her business has grown, so has the site, which now includes a blog and email newsletter among other resources. 

My Work

Clear, Straightforward Pricing

Initial Design 

This fee covers the building and design of your website. We will work together upfront to determine a budget range that meets your needs and allows us to accomplish what you need. 

Platform Fee

The platform fee will be charged once per year beginning on the day your site goes live for the public. It covers the platform, which handles the technical back end of the site: web servers, bandwidth management, SSL security—basically, all the things you don't want to worry about.


The platform fee also allows you to log in and edit your website at any time. You'll have full access to edit any piece of the website. You can add or change text, photos, or videos, create new pages, change the layout and colors, and so on. If you're not comfortable updating your site or simply don't have the time, you ​can always hire me to make updates.

Optional Maintenance and Updates

Once we launch your site, the only fee you'll have to pay is the annual platform fee. If you want my help making any changes to the site, I am always available. I charge a flat $35/hour for any maintenance and updates once a site is live. Most edits can be made in well under an hour. 

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