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About Me. 

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I grew up in Dubuque, Iowa, with frequent trips to my grandparent's cattle farm in Centerville. I attended the University of Iowa, where I studied business and philosophy and graduated with highest honors in 2019. In my free time I take care of my cats (Finley and Baz), hang out with my partner Elizabeth, and tend to my small garden- where I try (and sometimes succeed) in growing flower bouquets and strawberries. 

I run Logan Drake Web Services, helping individuals and small and medium local businesses get online. I've been working in this field for over ten years, as both a freelancer and as a staff member for many individuals and businesses, including furniture and interior design stores, dental offices, law firms, spa salons, yoga festivals, handyman businesses, sports teams, professional organizations, and authors. 


I also work with individuals and businesses to help them understand why they need a website and what their website needs to accomplish, and what it doesn't. I think of myself as a partner and consultant as well as a designer, helping provide an understanding of how the web fits into a business' overall strategy.​ Feel free to explore my site and reach out to me below if you have any questions at all or just want to talk.

Finally, I donate 10% of my profits to organizations working to build a better world, and you can explore those organizations here

Thanks for visiting; I look forward to talking with you! 

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