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Purple - Blue Gradient

Committed to Building a Better World

I believe that it is everyone's duty to do their part to build a better world, in our own families and communities and worldwide. That's why I donate at least 10% of my profits every month to organizations doing important work to make the world a better place. 

​Below you will find the current Better World Partner. I hope you will learn more about each and consider donating what you can, as an individual or as a business. 

Current Partner

Partners in Health


Partners in Health does great work around the world to not only provide important medical services in the homes and communities of those who need it, but they also work to build sustainable health systems by working with local governments, schools, and other local institutions. This philosophy builds lasting change, not temporary fixes.  

Currently, they are fundraising for an incredible new initiative that will dramatically improve maternal health care in Sierra Leone, the country with the highest maternal mortality rate in the world. You can see a short video from one of the main supporters of the Sierra Leone initiative here. 

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